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Is Socialism the Answer for America?

1st Hand Stories from Cuba, Ukraine, and Viet Nam

@ GMU in Fairfax in the Johnson Center (JC) Cinema

JC Cinema -Johnson Center

4477 Aquia Creek Lane Fairfax, VA  

on Monday, Oct. 3 from 7-9PM

Come early at 6:30 for free popcorn and some video previews made by Blazquez

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An international panel of 3 speakers who were born into Communist/Socialist countries and their experiences

The Speakers

Agustin Blazquez Bio

Agustin Blazquez

Agustin Blazquez was born in Cuba. He left Cuba in his twenties, living in Montreal, Paris and Madrid before arriving in the U.S. in 1967.

Blazquez began an acting career, even before graduating from The Municipal Academy of Dramatic

Arts of Havana. He has performed on radio, TV and in theater, including comedy, musical, voiceovers, and narrating.

Soon after arriving in the U.S., Agustin was struck by the inaccuracies and omissions by the U.S. Media, on the subject of Cuba. He felt compelled, and began writing articles on Cuba, numbering over 300 to date. Agustin’s articles can be found on numerous websites such as Newsmax and FrontPageMagazine; and in The Washington Post, The Washington Times, Washington Inquirer, etc.; as well as abroad. In 1995, his first documentary of the series Covering Cuba premiered at the American Film Institute in the Kennedy Center. He translated the book: The Mafia of Havana. Mr. Blazquez has produced over 200 films & documentaries, as well as musical videos. He now nears completion of the first in a new series Art and Politics.

Video Recording from Event: 

Jaroslaw (Slavko) Martyniuk Bio


Born in Ukraine, Jaroslaw (Slavko) Martyniuk’s family made a narrow escape from Communism at the end of World War II, surviving in postwar Germany, finally emigrating to Chicago in the U.S.  The rest of his extended family were sent to concentration camps, to their eventual death through The Gulag, the largest “killing machine” in history.  Slavko has never lost sight of what they fled, and the freedoms they enjoy here.  He now speaks and writes to educate others on the threats to America’s way of life today.

Over the years Slavko worked for Amoco Oil, the International Energy Agency in Paris, and Radio Liberty in Munich, returning to Europe for 15 years of his career, and visiting throughout the republics of the former Soviet Union.  Mr. Martyniuk is a retired energy economist and sociologist.  As a research analyst for the Soviet Area Audience and Opinion Research in Paris during the eighties, he oversaw an extensive network of Russian-speaking interviewers, conducting intelligence work and “undercover”public opinion polling with visitors from the Soviet Union, on behalf of Radio Liberty and other international broadcasters.

Video Recording of Presentation


Nhan Lam Bio

Nhan Lam

Nhan Lam’s parents fled communist Vietnam on a fishing boat, surviving navigational errors, even being robbed by sea pirates!  

Despite starting off very poor, they taught Nhan to be thankful for the freedoms & opportunities in America.  He worked hard, starting several businesses, even as a pre-teen.  At age 17, he began his path to become an Aerospace Engineer; by age 18, he worked full-time for NASA, his dream job!   After a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering, he still felt something missing in his life -- the ability to have a piece of the American Dream through entrepreneurship -- the opportunity to truly be free to make your own life choices. 

Today he runs several Real Estate companies. When Nhan could have easily given up, instead of blaming his situations, he embraced them, to empower him further.  He wishes to pass on his belief: 

“Never settle with being good, when your potential is to be great.

Never settle for another’s opinion, when you have the ability to think for yourself.”

Video Recording from Event:

Free and open to the public. Come early to find your seats. The 290 seat auditorium is expected to be packed. 

Free popcorn and some documentary clips will be shown prior to the start of the event.

Each speaker will have about 20 minutes to present once the program begins at 7PM. The presentations will be followed by Q & A, so come ask your questions!

Hosted by the GMU College Republicans and a Ronald Reagan Lecture Series Liberty Forum event

Nhan Lam Fuller Bio:

Nhan Lam is the first born in the US from a family who fled communist Vietnam on a fishing boat.  Their journey at sea was faced with many challenges; including robbery by sea pirates, navigational errors, and almost lost hope; but the rewards made the struggle worth it. 

After 6 months at a refugee camp in Malaysia, the Lam Family was sponsored by a Lutheran Church in Buffalo, NY.  While growing up, Nhan’s parents stressed the importance of being thankful; despite starting off very poor.  They reminded him of what life was like in Vietnam and that the freedoms that he enjoyed in the US should not be taken lightly. 

At an early age, Nhan expressed his thankfulness by always showing hard work ethics and consistently looking for growth opportunities.  He started several businesses as a pre-teen and into his teenage years.  At the age of 17, he attended NC State University to start his path to becoming an Aerospace Engineer. 

When he turned 18, he worked full-time for NASA, which was a dream job he had set for himself as a young boy.  He later attained his Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering, but still felt like something was missing in his life.  That missing thing was the ability to have a piece of the American Dream by owning and operating your own business, which gives you the opportunity to truly be free to make your own life choices. 

Today he runs several companies, including a Real Estate Rehabbing Company and an Education Company.  He enjoys paying it forward by teaching others how to accomplish their dreams through entrepreneurship.  There have been many times where Nhan could have easily given up and accept a life of mediocracy, but instead of blaming his situations for not being where he wanted to be, he embraced the difficult situations to empower him further. 

This sense of responsibility is what is needed to produce a prosperous nation.  Throughout his life, Nhan has learned many things, but this in particular which he wishes to pass on to his kids and generations to come.  “Never settle with being good, when your potential is to be great. 

Never settle for another’s opinion, when you have the ability to think for yourself.  And lastly, Never settle to just learn while you are in school, but instead, commit to a lifetime of learning.  The purpose of school is NOT to learn, but instead to LEARN HOW TO LEARN.”

QUOTES and EXCERPTS from Jaroslaw Martyniuk, of Ukraine

The Gulag: Communism’s Ultimate Legacy

Have you heard of the GULAG? The GULAG was an efficient “killing machine,” later used as a model for

Hitler’s concentration camps. It was not one camp, but rather a system of hundreds of camps.

Professor Alan Charles Kors of the University of Pennsylvania:

“Scores, and scores of millions of bodies were shot; No cause, ever, in the history of all mankind, has

produced more slaughtered innocents and more orphans than red Socialism with power.”

Solzhenitsyn foresaw in the Gulag: “No, no one would have to answer. No one would be held


We are holding this event to raise public awareness of:

Disturbing parallels between the system that existed in the Soviet Union and trends emerging in

the U.S. – even today!

The teaching of history has been marginalized and replaced by social theorizing that denies the

existence of truth about life under Communism.

American essayist George Santayana, an immigrant, said “Those who cannot remember the past are

condemned to repeat it.”

Karl Marx’s dictum “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

Do you feel your privacy being invaded?

Do you sense your personal expression being squelched?

Do you notice little liberties being diminished over time?

Free speech in America is being limited in various ways, most prominently by the dogma of

Political Correctness. PC is the most invidious form of speech and thought control because it

hides behind the righteous cloak of “sensitivity” towards others, but in fact it’s a way to coerce the

public to think in a certain “approved” way.

The Second Amendment, our ultimate guardian against tyranny, is under attack.

One of the first acts every authoritarian leader undertakes is to take away weapons in the hands of its

citizens, because it removes serious resistance to any coercive actions.

Have you heard of the KGB? It was a Soviet agency, out to monitor, follow and eventually control the

people. The bad news is that we have a similar pattern starting here in America!

A society that monitors, observes, and controls its people is not free.

Obama says:

“We should be ready to give up some liberty for the interests of the collective.”

What is collectivism? Come and find out!

“You did not build that” or “It takes a village” -- sound familiar?

We support the moral practice of individualism. Individualism is the essence of freedom.

How does this compare to Progressivism? Liberalism? Socialism?

Do your Homework -- Know what you are voting for!

Don’t be a blind voter! Ignorance is costly…

Russian novelist & historian, Solzhenitsyn, saw it all so clearly, when he said:

“It is as if the West does not want to know the truth . . .

until the moment when this knowledge has ceased to be of use.”

* * * * *

QUOTES and EXCERPTS from Agustin Blazquez, of Cuba

Where “Fundamental Transformation” Will Take You

What is Fundamental Transformation?

Follow Agustin’s path of “fundamental transformation” – from Capitalism to Socialism to

Communism. Could this be happening in the US today?? Of course, “it can’t happen here, not in our


Guess again - -

See how the Marxist plan to install Communism in the US is already here today!

This is not sensationalism! This is reality! Become informed, before it is too late.

Beware of deceit, all around you…

Learn to see and recognize the gradual, subtle patterns, the techniques of:

Repression & Population Control

Promised “equality” can never happen without loss of individual liberty and privacy.

What is the real Social Justice?

Did you know, that in Cuba, they keep files on each individual? Yes – You!

Can your individuality and privacy be at risk?

The American Government is gradually erasing each of your freedoms.

Do the Elitists know what is best for you – the “little people”?

What’s America’s greatest enemy?

(See Trevor Loudon’s film “Enemies Within”)

So what’s happening in the background, while Millennials are on video games & iPods?

Be aware of the dangerous distractions of today’s world…