Wed., Sept 24, 2014: Common Concerns for Common Core

Speaker: Lindsey Burke

The initiative to set consistent academic standards across all states for what students should learn in public school sounds reasonable.  The Common Core State Standards are intended to do just that, but now that the standards are being implemented, some problems are arising.  At least 5 states have voted to repeal the Common Core Standards. Virginia is 1 of 5 states that chose NOT to adopt the optional standards in the first place.

Some say impact of the Common Core on standardized tests will indirectly influence states to teach the Common Core standards.  Is that so bad?

While promoted as optional, states are encouraged by the Federal Department of Education to adopt the standards with financial incentives, but have avoided establishing “National Standards.”

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Read an article by Brittany Corona about the drop in teacher support of Common Core.

Monday,  October 6, 2014: Media Influence on Culture & Kids Requires Media Wisdom

Speaker: Ted Baehr

One of parents’ greatest challenges is the influence of the mass media of entertainment on their children.  The media, for good and for ill, is a primary teacher of all things not covered in the classroom:  social behavior, expectations, what’s in and what’s out,  vocabulary (*#!*#@) . . . .  There is hope though — children can be taught to be media-wise.  Ted Baehr’s briefing will enable you to teach your children to be media-wise, will reveal the wide influence of the mass media, and show you that the entertainment industry can be turned to toward the good, the true, and the beautiful.

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